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PU Foam Products Manufacturer

All types of PU armrests – The bulk of our company’s contract manufacture productions are PU products, and the majority of the items produced are armrests. All of the armrest models can be modified with different hardness, shape, length, and size regardless if it is an armrest for office chairs, audiovisual chairs, scooters, etc. In addition, different types of armrest patterns such as wood, diamond, brick, grid, or zebra can be applied according to the client’s specifications.

Other types of PU products – Our company provides contract manufacture production for PU products such as foot pads, seat cushions, headrest cushions, toilet seats, and bedpans. In addition, we provide assistance in locating mold manufacturers, while the clients provide product designs with color, hardness, size, and pattern specifications.

Hence, our main products include PU Protective Gear, Safety Foot Pad, Styrofoam Gloves, Armrest Compartment Cover, Armrest Cushion, etc. Please feel free to contact us.